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Visit our photo gallery. Patients with G-spot activation have seen its effectiveness. Most of them had never experienced an orgasm before, but nowadays these women have a full, satisfactory and multi-orgasmic sex life.


Created by DrGSpot & DrBSpot. Dr. Evelin Veras, plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgeon, anti-aging medicine specialist & Dr. Matthew Buckley, kinesiologist and chiropractor, cellular detoxification specialist.

Our treatments offer aesthetic and functional changes to have a ten-year younger vagina.

See the window of treatments: liposuction, symmetrization of pubis, labia majora and minora, g-spot activation, elimination of pain, urinary incontinence, among others.

Our protocols are created and constantly evolving anti-aging and cellular regeneration techniques and methods based on the latest research, taking into consideration each patient’s anatomy and skin functionality.


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Savor the magic of life in a sweet orgasm
DrGSpot & DrBSpot


Unlocking all the causes that interfere with experiencing orgasms

• Increases libido.
• Guarantees female multiple orgasms.
• Regulates sensation to those people who have pain and restores pleasure to those who have lost feeling in erogenous areas.
• Activates 100% vaginal function.
• Rejuvenates intimate area with aesthetic results.
• Moisturizes and lubricates with an increase of collagen production.
• Discovers where your G-spot is located so you can stimulate it.
• Improves your relationship with your partner with techniques offered by our DrGSpot program.ship with your partner with techniques offered by our program DrGspot.